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You Want To Become a TEDx Speaker, but you don't know where to start from?

Trial-and-error is not your style and you want a step-by-step guide that will save you loads of time, and set you up for success? 

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The easy-to-follow training that has helped many people save a spot on TEDx™️ stage and turn their idea into a powerful and memorable talk


You will have 45 minutes of a straight forward training only with the information you need to know and steps to do, so you can land a TED™️ or a TEDx™️ talk


 What Will You Get At The 'How to Apply For TED and TEDx' Mini-Course ?

  • Set Yourself Up for A Successful TED™️ and TEDx™️ Journey
    ~ Understanding the 17+ different formats of TED™️ and TEDx™️, so you don't apply to the wrong one and get rejected;
    ~ Busting Myths and Beliefs Around the Application Process;
  • Create Your Own Strategic TEDx™️ Tactic:
    ~ The TED™️ and TEDx™️ Application Process Step-By-Step
    ~ How To Apply For TED™️
    ~ Finding The Right For You TEDx™️ Organiser; 
    ~ Tips to Help You Choose Your TEDx™️ Organiser; 
    ~ Two Templates for Your First Contact With TEDx™️ Organisers; 
    ~ Must-To-Know About The TEDx™️ Application Process;
    ~ The Most Important TEDx™️ Strategy That Will Set You Up For Success;
  • What's Next? & What If You Are Busy and Don't Have Time To Apply For TED™️ or TEDx™️


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Meet your trainer -


Bilyana Georgieva

Hi, I'm Bilyana Georgieva and I'm a TEDx™️ Coach, TEDx™️ Speaker myself, Multi-Award Winning Professional Speaker, a Digital Nerd, Social Media influencer and a former Digital Transformation Director.
My goal for this mini-course is not only teaching you How to Apply For TED™️ and TEDx™️ but also showing you the most common mistakes, myths and beliefs people do and have so you can avoid them. I strongly believe that the best decision can only be taken when you have the best knowledge.
If becoming a TEDx speaker is something you want, then this course is for you!
I've included only the information you need to know for all 17+ formats of TED™️ and TEDx™️, so you don't waste time and energy, get lost in the process or invest your efforts and get rejected only because you did one of those well known mistakes.
All my mentees are in the top 25% of the Most Watched TEDx Speakers in the world.
At end of 2021, beginning of 2022, in just 7 months, my hacks drove 1.7 million views towards the TEDx™️ talks of my mentees.
Seven of the TEDx speakers I coached are in the Top 10 World's TEDx Chart for Most Watched TEDx Talks Released on YouTube
Two speakers were ranked on Nr 36 and Nr 39 in The 50 Most Popular TEDx™️ Talks Released in 2021 on YouTube. Having in mind that there were circa 13,400 TEDx™️ talks published on YouTube in 2021 those achievements are great recognition for my work as a TEDx™️ coach.
One thing I learned on the way, watching my mentees thrive - the main key for your success is based on a worldwide visibility of who you are and what you doTEDx™️ gives you this opportunity, as well as many others.
So, Let's set you up for success!
Get ready,
Your TEDx Journey is about to start!

Here's A Few That Have Gone Through The TEDx™️ Training...



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