About Bilyana Georgieva

Bilyana is a digital nerd, multi award-winning speaker, micro influencer on LinkedIn, trainer and a TEDx speaker.

Her background is Corporate Digital Transformations, and her passion is her signature training program ‘Soon-To-Be a TEDx Speaker’ which helps executives, business owners, speakers and everyone who Dare to Speak Up to design, deliver and diffuse a powerful TEDx Talk, using social media hacks to make it go viral.

She has led transformational programs for DHL, OMV, Unilever, Hiscox, State Street Bank, EDF, Eurostar, River Island, Primark, WaterAid and many more, working with 21 industries from multibillion corporate companies to engineering, energy, transport, healthcare, retail, charities and more.

Her training style is very direct, yet gentle and always concentrates on saving you time and effort while achieving your TEDx goal.

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All The Tools You Need To Become A Successful TEDx Speaker

We offer 3 tiers of courses:

Tier 1 is our "Soon-To-Be A TEDx Speaker" Video Training Course designed for you if you prefer to self-study in the most convenient for you time. You will have the opportunity to ask questions when you have any. Before you get on stage you will have 2 reviews and feedbacks on your talk with an option to join our Weekly Calls where Bilyana will answer all your questions in person.

Tier 2 is our "Soon-To-Be A TEDx Speaker" Crash Course crafted for a small group of people if you prefer to work in a group and have a gentle nudge to complete it all in 4 weeks, 2 sessions per week, 1 hour each session. In other words, you will invest 8 hours of your time and be ready to get on the TEDx Stage

Tier 3 is 1:1 work with Bilyana, where she will help you with a Tailored for you TEDx Talk and Tailored for you Social Media, Social Selling and PR strategies, aligned with your own brand and company's strategies.

Senior level, Tailored For You TEDx Strategy, TEDx Talk and personal 1:1 help to prepare you to become a successful TEDx Speaker

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If learning in a group and having someone to hold you accountable is your preferred and fastest way to achieve your TEDx goal, then the "Soon-To-Be A TEDx Speaker" Crash Course is for you.

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If you prefer to self-study in the most convenient for you time and ask questions when you have any, then the "Soon-To-Be A TEDx Speaker" Video Course is what you are looking for.

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We are working on mini-series of Free TEDx Lessons for TEDx Speakers and TEDx Organisers

Tune in and keep an eye on the page here. This will be once in a lifetime opportunity.